Thursday, May 12, 2016

6th District Candidates

6th District Candidates Meet at Kline's in Staunton
Scott Sayre
There was a meeting of 6th District Convention Delegates on Thursday night in Staunton. 
Anne Fitzgerald
There were a number of familiar faces including Mark Daughtry(sorry if I spelled it wrong), Matt Fitzgerald, Mary Sayre, Bill Shirley and his wife, Curt Lilley, the two Fitzgerald boys, and those pictured below.... A number of folks I didn't know...
There is a convention on May 21,2016 down in Roanoke, Cave Spring HS, 3712 Chaparral Drive.. A number of candidates were present. 
They included Scott, Matt, Anne, Nate....
Also present were Gene Rose, and Ken Adams...

Nate Boyer
Sorry that post is very basic.... I have to relearn
I had a raspberry sundae!!!

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