Sunday, January 9, 2011

Read All About It !!! Ace of Spades All over Giffords Story.

Gabrielle Giffords. R.I.P.

Disgusting Partisanship on Display After Shooting—Gabriel Malor

Hey, What Are the Odds This Laughner Guy Did the Maryland Package Bombs Too?—Ace

More Pin The Tail On The Party: Catie Parker Seems Pretty Legit And Says Laughner Was a Leftie—Ace

DailyKos' "Gabrielle Giffords is Dead to Me" Post Down the Memory Hole—Ace

Laughner's YouTube Channel?—Ace

Giffords Presser. Now Hospital Presser. Doctor Optimistic About Giffords Prognoses. Child Killed. Shooter's Youtube Page?—DrewM.

Fallujah, USA: Rep. Giffords and Six Others Are Dead In Shooting Attack, Including a Child
Hospital Saying She's Still Alive?








  1. I guess I'm glad he won't let me read his stuff.

    Are the other blogs he won't let me read as bad?

  2. What do You mean? You can't read Ace?

  3. I mean he has blocked me from reading anything (so far as I know, I only know three) ending in .nu