Monday, August 23, 2010

Is Mariah Carrying?? TY Smitty

A Very Lovely New Yorker

A video clip of Mariah Carey singing "We Belong Together" during a show in São Paulo, Brazil, on Saturday (Aug. 21) surfaced on the net over the weekend, and the princess of power vox is visibly larger and rounder in the belly, further fueling speculations of pregnancy, according to Billboard
Mariah in Brazil

Her Twitter account has only fed the rumors, as she tweeted post-show: "Seriously, I really do love it here, beautiful people inside and out! Tonite was tuff 4 me 4 personal reasons, but U got me thru!L4L."



H/T to The Other McCain. I missed the pun. I was a bit slow. My mind was occupied when posting.


  1. You better ask Dr. Andrew Sullivan, OB-GYN. He can tell you.

  2. My mind was occupied when posting.

    We trust that you were typing with both hands.

  3. well I was attempting with very rudimentary skills.