Friday, July 2, 2010

Unemployment is actually a benefit says Pelosi

I remember some politician in NY saying that the aftermath of the 1977 blackout was good for the economy. The damages caused an influx of money into the local economy from repairs, new products, etc.. Windows had to be repaired. Stores needed to be rehabilitated. Insurance money came into the city. Lots of money was spent.
The idiot forgot to calculate how much was lost or how much was spent on rehab rather than inproving the quality of the products. The store owners now had to include security concerns into their bottom line. They had to contend with higher insurance rates. Many gave up. The main commercial strip in my neighborhood went from vibrant and booming, to boarded up and vacant. Many of the store owners took the insurance money and fled South,West and East. They went to Long Island, South Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New Jersey. It took years for it to return to any semblance of its former self.

Maybe if the government got out of the way, the American people would make the economy work again. Ronald Reagan inherited a far greater mess than President Obama. He got out of the way of American entrepenuers. It started a boom that lasted almost 26 years