Monday, February 22, 2010

This video is going viral after being renamed

Two Obama Voters On An Escalator
is the new name,according to Breitbart

I think it is unfair to place the blame on President Obama. The US has been becoming a nanny state for many years. The people are becoming more accustomed to the government and others doing more and more for the people.
I was shoveling the road in front of my driveway and I was asked,"Why are you doing that?" I said because the plows won't get it all. I want to have a smooth ride out of my driveway. I continued, if everyone that was able to, did it, then we would have cleared roads quicker. We wouldn't have to wait for the government in order to get back to normal.
When I was younger, I lived next to a bus stop. My dad and myself would shovel the snow enough for people to get off bus comfortably. It was a little extra work for us, but it made life better and safer for bus riders. If we waited for the government to do it, it usually gets done, but there would have been a lot of bus riders with slush covered legs first.