Monday, February 22, 2010

Want to see a total BS Photo-Op???

According to St.Louis Today

(U.S. Rep. Russ) Carnahan’s first stop was at the St. Louis Police Academy, where he visited with a class of 31 recruits funded by the Recovery and Reinvestment Act. While he was there, Carnahan tested his own acuity with a firearm — stopping the paper suspect dead in its tracks. Using what appears to be a 9mm pistol, Carnahan landed three shots squarely in the center of the target, two of which were pretty close — if not right on — the bullseye.

The photo is labeled Carnahan shoots while St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom, far right, watches
If this chief allowed the Congressman to shoot like that, he should be relieved of his command. Where is the eye protection? Where is the ear protection?
How could they let a photographer stand down range with a live firing line?

Or is it even a real gun? It is not a great pic, but it looks like the barrel has an orange tip? But I can not confirm that.