Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Guest Appearance from Geoff

> Many Israelis want to know: why didn't the soldiers attacked by a U.S.
> Army major-turned-terrorist return fire?
> When a Muslim goes, well, Muslim in Israel he is typically shot to death
> by someone--say, a reserve soldier--within seconds of screaming "Allah
> Akbar."
> In contrast with the Israeli experience, it took 10 minutes before a
> civilian police officer at Fort Hood was able to shoot and stop Muslim
> fanatic Nidal Malik Hasan.
> How could that happen? How could so many people trained in the
> strategies and tactics of modern warfare be so defenseless?
> The answer--and this may astonish many Americans--is that the victims
> were unarmed. U.S. soldiers are not allowed to carry guns for personal
> protection, even on a 340-acre base quartering more than 50,000 troops.
> So it goes in brain-dead, liberal America .
> Fort Hood is a "gun free" zone, thanks to regulations adopted in one of
> the very first acts signed into law by anti-gun President Bill Clinton
> in March, 1993. Click here for the file.
> Contrary to President Obama's crocodile tears, his administration is
> bent on further disarming the U.S. military, and all Americans. Obama
> and his people will not rest until every American is a sitting duck..
> POSTscript: Israeli teachers, from kindergarten on up, are also armed;
> so, a Virginia Tech-type slaughter is highly unlikely at an Israeli
> university.
> Israelis, who have had to combat terrorism all their lives, are not
> afraid of guns. They are an armed people, ready, willing, and able to
> defend themselves and their country.
> Unlike indoctrinated Americans, paralyzed by fear and political
> correctness, Israelis understand that people, not guns, kill people.
> From Geoff Wilensky