Monday, October 14, 2013

Is it possible for her to think less?

Eleanor Clift: Everyday I say to myself

"Eleanor, think less, tweet more."

Do you have somebody editing every tweet, every story, every word that you write?
ELEANOR CLIFT, DAILY BEAST: Oh, nobody edits the tweets as far as I know.
SESNO: Nobody edits your tweets?
CLIFT: No. And in fact, I say to myself every day Eleanor, think less tweet more, because I don't tweet enough.
SESNO: Think less? Really scary.
CLIFT: Well, no, you have to kind of trust yourself and put -- I don't do it. I mean, I tweet fairly irregularly, but in today's world we are encouraged to tweet, to get our stories out there or promote our colleagues and if we're analysts and pundits, we should get our thoughts out there. I have never done anything or said anything that's career ending yet. But we're all about two steps away from that I think.

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