Sunday, December 12, 2010

Salvation Army Bells Stopped Ringing, 1st Time Ever

The Salvation Army, for the first time, 
canceled bell ringing in Minnesota and North Dakota.

Scores of events across the Twin Cities, were canceled. Among them, ironically, was a celebration in St. Paul of the 20th anniversary of Will Steger's International Trans-Antarctica Expedition. The weather was just too foul to hold it.

According to his web site, Steger has been an eyewitness to the on-going catastrophic consequences of global warming. A formidable voice calling for understanding and the preservation of the Arctic, and the Earth, Will Steger is best known for his legendary polar explorations.
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In Related News...
Collapsed Metrodome
 Vikings-Giants to play in Detroit Monday night
The Metrodome roof collapsed early Sunday morning and the Vikings-Giants game that had been rescheduled for Monday night at the Dome will be played in Detroit instead.
Cleaning snow off  collapsed Metrodome

The NFL decided to move the game to Detroit's domed stadium.

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