Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GAGA Overt Nazi Recruiting

Nazi Recruiting Video? 

Daily Kos says so....
Worldwide success based on black leather, woman-hating Corporatism. Overt Nazi recruiting gets pushed to the center of pop culture.


  1. "Nazi recruiting" is tongue-in-cheek, right? Gaga's engaging in aggressive deconstructionism, exposing into pop resonance the homoeroticism and masochism inherent in the fascist military culture(amongst other aspects going on).

    Gaga's Telephone and other pop artworks are well known to be post-structural in this respect (and she's commented on as such). If you're not into "pomo" (postmodern), approximate this as exceptionally over-produced irony, mocking for instance the gay-hating, pervert-hating fascists who we all know were, through their actions and orientations, even more perverted and deviant than those they persecuted and sent to their death for such charges.

    The world needs more in-your-face criticism placed into pop media.

  2. She is ugly as a wart.