Sunday, November 14, 2010

Not a "Fedorable" Rule 5 Sunday Shameless Plugging Update.

It has come to my attention that many bloggers who graced "The Other McCain's Rule 5 Sunday, do not add a suitable contribution until Saturday evening. I will continue to monitor and add as noted. If you wish to be noted on this blossoming blog, feel free to send an email to

Troglopundit-In all my years of blogging.....
Linkage worth noting
Camp of the Saints
Bettie Page
NSFW or anywhere else
Maggies Farm
Still a guy's pub
I had to add this, even though it doesn't fit Rule 5. I spent many a night at this watering hole. I spent some HS, all of college, and considerable time after that ordering even numbered "Darks".The conversation waslively inthe one bathroom. IITYWYBAD !!!  Amongst other things, my bachelor party started there. Campaign buttons were added to the archway. It even led to a promotion party at the Jaegarhouse.
Favre- Had to add Brett. He has been the cause of many a Rule 5 post recently
Theo Sparks
Bedtime Totty
Atlas Shrugged
Daisy Khan- Don't think this is a rule 5 post
American Power
Jessica Simpson
Angie Harmon
Gillian Anderson

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