Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This is SICK ! ! ! What "parent" would buy this???

Least Ethical Store in Britain
was selling Padded Bikini tops for

PRIMARK was last night accused of encouraging the sexualization of young girls by selling padded bikini tops for seven-year olds.
The high street chain, Primark, was selling £4 bikini sets which give children a “breast shape” alongside normal costumes in their seven to eight-year-old range.
The halterneck tops come in candy pink with gold stars or black with white polka dots.
They might as well have advertised..
"We support Pedophiles"

A spokesman said: "Primark has taken note of the concern this morning regarding the sale of certain bikini tops for girls, a product line that sells in relatively small quantities.
"The company has stopped the sale of this product line with immediate effect.
"Primark will donate all the profits made from this product line to a children's charity, and apologises to customers for any offence caused."

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