Friday, January 29, 2010

They are spraying Brine. Get your car washed ! ! !

Treehugger blog tells us a few things
about Brine being used on roads...

The Bad
While it is claimed that the brine/salt mixture is actually more environmentally friendly, because it allows the road crews to use less salt, there is still the fact that brine itself is a chemical derived from oil and gas and not quite like spreading daisy petals over the asphalt.

The Ugly
To bring up even more ugliness, the brine mixture has also been found by Volkswagen in a recent study to accelerate the corrosion of vehicles. This has already caused multiple vehicle warranty issues in Austria, where the mixture is commonly used.

With the economy the way it is, the motor industry is naturally upset with the thought of multiple issues from customers with premature corrosion-caused suspension and body damage.
H/T to VA Transport Blog

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