Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another Reason to go to Brooklyn

My Little Guy Thinks Domino's is Actually Pizza.
The Local NewsLeader Publisher does too....
He says,
I grew up in a rural area of Western North Carolina. My little community was called, believe it or not, Happy Valley. It was in the suburbs of Lenoir. And although Lenoir got a Domino's franchise when I was around 10, we were WAY outside the delivery zone. Domino's was a treat I only experienced three or four times.

But then I went to summer music camp when I was a high school student and found out that delivery people would bring pizza to my door anytime I wanted day or night. I ordered lots of Domino's Pizza.

My love of Domino's continued into college when I also discovered other pizzas including some local brands that were very yummy but I could always count on Domino's to deliver the consistent taste of my favorite one-topping hamburger pizza. Yum!


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  1. Phil, you're hurting me.

    There's nothing worse than craving real pizza and being snowed in!

    A long time ago I saw a television news report where the Domino's manager was drilling uniformity into his cooks.

    Then they went to a real pizzaria and started [in jest] 'dressing down' the guy making pizzas there. "You've got big bubbles in the pie, and burned spots!... That's a 'NEGATIVE PIZZA' [Domino's term]."

    The pizza guy had a short answer: "Are you KIDDING? They LOVE that stuff!"