Wednesday, August 19, 2009


School principal & athletic director face criminal charges for praying over the school lunch !!!

Last year, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against Pace High School in Santa Rosa County, Florida. The ACLU claimed some teachers and administrators were endorsing religion, but the school chose to give in to the ACLU's demands rather than fight them in court.

According to the settlement, all school employees are banned from engaging in prayer or religious activities before, during, or after school hours. Now two school officials are facing criminal charges for offering meal-time prayers at an appreciation dinner for adults who had helped with a school field house project. Principal Frank Lay and athletic director Robert Freeman are scheduled to go on trial next month on criminal contempt charges. If convicted, both are subject to fines and imprisonment................

"In this particular case, Principal Frank Lay asked the athletic director to have a prayer for the meal at an honorary luncheon in celebration for some of the athletic achievements. And then in [another] situation, the clerical worker at an event where some employees of the school were present asked her husband, who is not an employee of the school, to have a blessing over a meal," he explains. "Because of those two events, these individuals now face criminal contempt."
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  1. I say Grace quietly before each meal. that is a choice. I appreciate G-D'S bounty and generosity. Having experienced hunger, for a short time, I appreciate even more Faith and Redemption.

    The chattering classes really swallowed their waggling tongues on this one. But...HEY....they know better than us.

    As long as it is a choice, prayer is a beautiful thing bringing peace and perspective.

    G-D Bless All

  2. I say Grace quietly before each meal. Food is a gift, not an entitlement. Prayer shows respect and good manners to our Lord. It is a choice and a person has that right either way. Prayer is a good way for children to achieve some measure of perspective, charity, generosity, and an appreciation for what one has. The chattering classes have none of the above. They are pulling us into a vast dark jungle, where faith is needed more than ever.