Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Anti-gun, anti-Pepsi, anti salt, NY Nut, BLOOMBERG paying Terry's bills


The super-mega rich billionaire NEW YORK CITY mayor, Michael Bloomberg  will be laundering his NY dollars through Independence USA PAC into broadcast television commercials in the D.C. market, according to two sources tracking the air war.

Michael Bloomberg’s pro-gun-control super PAC will drop $1.1 million on ads for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the final two weeks of the Virginia governor’s race.

“Terry McAuliffe and his allies are spending tens of millions of dollars in an attempt to buy Virginia’s governor’s mansion and impose an idealogical agenda that will severely restrict Virginian’s Second Amendment rights, hike energy prices for Virginia families and undermine our right-to-work laws,” said Cuccinelli communications director Richard T. Cullen.
“McAuliffe’s liberal supporters like Steyer and now Mayor Bloomberg aren’t pumping millions into this race for a few laughs,” said Cullen. “They’re doing so because they expect a return on their investment.”
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