Monday, September 2, 2013

Stress Eating... Not Good.

 I go for Egg Rolls and Chicken with Garlic Sauce..

Nicole Scherzinger relaxes her diet when she's feeling blue.

Finding herself once again on the singles market following her split from Lewis Hamilton, Nicole has been comforting herself with pizza and chocolate.
"You know those fancy pizzas you Europeans have, with Parma ham and the rocket? Too healthy. When I'm really down in the dumps I order me some Papa John's.

"Same toppings me and my sister always had growing up. Onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, extra cheese," she admits to Britain's Glamour magazine.
Her pizza craving doesn't end there.
The super svelte ex-Pussycat Doll then adds even more calories into the mix.

"I pour my garlic butter sauce all over it. Drowning my sorrows in garlic butter sauce! And then you take a block of chocolate and just scoop it out of the peanut butter jug. Heaven. Instant therapy," she said.