Monday, September 2, 2013

Is Labor Day Boring?

FishyMike says that Labor day is the most boring holiday.....
Of the eight holidays provided by my employer, Labor Day is the most boring.
It's the end of summer holiday. It's not a family gathering time like Thanksgiving or Christmas, or patriotic like Fourth of July. It doesn't even have Jerry Lewis anymore.

Well Labor is boring. There is nothing exciting about most work. It can be tedious, tiresome.

But it is very important.

Labor does many things for us.
Labor makes the roads, builds the bridges, installs the streetlights.
Labor makes the water flow in and out of our homes.
Labor makes the electricity run through the wires.
Labor bottles the gas for our appliances.
Labor puts the drugs into the bottles for our prescriptions.
Labor takes our blood pressure.
Labor builds our cars.
Labor builds everything we use. Everything we need is built by labor. It even builds lots of stuff we don't need, but we use to play, to enjoy, to become "Unbored".

There are some parades, barbecues, parties, but they are usually subdued. Everyone has to go back to doing labor tomorrow.
Here is an idea Mike. I will let you do the detailed planning. 
We head down to the Buena Vista parade in the morning. Then we head back north to Sherando Lake.. make a reservation
Arrange for the Hot Dogs, burgers, and other food.. 
They do have grills. Bring the charcoal.
Bring some music along 
Woody Guthrie

And remember.....