Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pervert? Sexual Predator?

A college student, let's call the student "Hunter Kaitland", decides that "love is in the air". "Hunter's" love is a 14 year old girl. The parents of the girl said, "No,no,no." The police had been called.Hunter was arrested because Hunter and the young girl had engaged in sexual activity. Hunter was charged in February with two felony counts in the case in Florida, where the legal age of consent is 16. A restraining order had been ordered. "Hunter" was supposed to stay away.
20,000 text messages are sent. Those messages include masturbation pics and a video to "Hunter's" love. They even met. "Hunter" repeatedly violated that order, continuing the illegal sexual affair and attempting to persuade the victim not to provide evidence and testimony in the case. "Hunter" coordinated secret meetings” with the younger girl, picking her up and driving “to a remote location where they would have intimate contact.” The meetings “have taken place as recently as two weeks ago."

So what do you think? Is "Hunter" a pervert? A sexual predator? Trying to obstruct justice?
Should "Hunter" be locked away for a long time?

How about a lesbian actually named Kaitlyn Hunt? Is Kaitlyn the "darling" of the media?
Kaitlyn Hunt. You can read CBS story here