Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reb wonders how widespread this is?

Left Coast's Rebel has a friend who sent him this link about unemployment cheats.

DENVER - He's got jobs to fill, yet one local employer says many applicants will only take the work if the pay is in cash.
That cash, he says, would be paid under the table so the worker can continue to collect unemployment benefits.
A few local industrial companies are starting to see more potential employees trying to cheat the system. Ed Sleeman, owner of Colorado Drywall Supply, posted two new jobs eight months ago.
Dozens of applications later, Sleeman still can't find two qualified truck drivers willing to load and unload building supplies, despite Colorado's 8.4 percent unemployment rate.
And it's not that all of the jobseekers have been unqualified.
Sleeman says about 40 of the applicants have admitted they're unemployed, and are hoping to double dip. "They'll come in and say, 'Well, I'd look at the job but if you could pay me cash I'd take the job so I could keep my unemployment,'" Sleeman said.
Sleeman says he isn't the type of business owner to pay under the table.
"There's no way we would do that," he said.
Sleeman says he's aware double dippers have been approaching other businesses in the industrial sector.