Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tea Party Racism Debunked?

Well it is only one study, of one event.....

UCLA graduate student Emily Ekins set out to photograph every single poster and sign at the 9/12 Taypayer March on Washington in September to see if the tens of thousands of Americans that make up the Tea Party movement are really running on racism. Ekins discovered, based on the signs, that the claims of rampant racism simply weren't true.
She says 6% of the signs were controversial. That means out of 250 signs, she found 15 that might be controversial.She has a broad definition of controversial.

I have been to a number of Tea Party events. I have seen LOTS of signs. Most have dealt with the size of government, taxes, or Obamacare. My own experience has been that I have seen a few signs that question the President's religion. I have not seen even one that dealt with the President's race. I have seen many that have been about securing our borders. None of those mentioned race or ethnicity.