Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Guest Editorial By Geoff

I will begin with domestic policy and then I shall list foreign and military policy, if you so desire.

1. Repeal Health Care Bill
2. Eliminate all stimulus packages
3. All monies paid back go toward balancing the budget
4. Place a moratorium on printing money for 2 years.
5. Raise interest rates to restore the value of bank accounts and bonds.
6. Stop the draining of American gold reserves.
7. Increase drilling for oil and mining coal.
8. The building of pocket nuclear power plants to supply energy to metropolitan areas.
9. Close the Department of education.
10. Eliminate government from owning any piece of corporations.
11. Allow the flow of business to naturally restore itself and create new and innovated business models.
12. eliminate death taxes and marriage penalties.
13. Cut corporate taxes by 60 %.
14. Cut gas tax to 7 cents.
14. Eliminate Capital Gains Tax to free up flow of Capital.
15. Maintain the Patriot Act and Military Tribunals.
16. Eliminate all subsidies to businesses.
17. Dispose of Amtrak and both Freddie Mac and Mae,
18. The above will create a permanent tax cut and flood the economy with strong currency.
19. All members of Congress should live and be paid on the scale of the common citizen. This also includes health care.
20. Eliminate competing Byzantine Bureaucracies.
21. Create tax breaks to bring the middle class back into the Stock Market.
22. Re industrialize America and encourage foreign companies to continue opening plants here.
23. Establish a board of both Federal and State officials in order to establish boundaries between Federal and State law.
24. Make the misleading or manipulation of the populace by the Chief Executive an impeachable offense.
25. Repeal the unconstitutional McCain- Feingold Act.
26. Restore the truncated 1st and 2nd amendments.
27. Encourage faith based charities.
28. restore responsibility by making the citizenry responsible for their mortgages and credit card debt. Americans seem to have lost their sense of shame and always someone to blame. COMMON SENSE!

I have so many ideas that I do not want to bore you. This is a sample. Be Well...Geoff