Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another guest Editorial from Geoff.

Foreign Affairs
Dear Mr. President and the Secretary of State.....a little commonsense.

1. When dealing with Russia, one must remember one thing. The Russians rely on bluff and huff. Let them scream, yell and threaten. The idea is to look them right in the eye and say....NO. It makes them crazy. it is a regime that is rife with corruption, repression and uses nuclear weapons as a chess piece to intimidate. It has a declining population and a high em migration rate.By using a "Reset Button" we have given them a great propaganda victory and shows our allies that we are weak. As was well stated..."HOW DO YOU SPELL RUSSIA...KGB" Only a fool would make an old Cold War arms treaty...when we should have said "NO" to placing missile systems on ships. We shamed ourselves before the eyes of some of our best allies. Those allies understand the Russians all to well.
2. Europe is now a nation of police forces. Britain and France will have navies the size of Belgium's. Britain and France now lack any carriers or an ability to project its troops to other fronts. Both Britain and France maintain nuclear forces for prestige. The EU is a repressive Left bureaucracy that has weakened Western Europe and has insulted the Turks so badly..they have joined the great game and are linked to anti-American regimes. My recommendation is to exit NATO and form a defensive pact with Britain and Germany...who is also destroying its proud army.
My idea is to form an Eastern Locarno, pact. Said Pact would comprise the U.S, Poland, the Czechs, any independent state of the former Soviet Union. If it were not for the stupidity of the EU and the end of the former Kama lists, we now have an ally in name locking itself more to the side of Persia and it's Satraps. Turkey seeks to sucker us into placing our weapons there, but only if we give then our military secrets. It would be a boon for Persia and Russia.
3. Give up this charade of Middle East negotiations. The Palestinians are a pawn and are considered inferior, a source of cheap labor and distract the people of Dictatorships to the rot that is their existences. The frightened Arab regimes remained silent when Israel bombed Syria's nuclear reactor.
4. The power in Afghanistan is primarily the Opium war lords and the ancient clans. Any king that sought to govern were murdered. Karzi only rule s a part of Kabul and is as dishonest as Diem, Chang Kai Shek and Sygman Rhee. All were despised. Karzi takes money from us and the Taliban. His removal and another general election would show our fight for good government. The clans should be viewed as autonomous mini states. This status should be guaranteed by respect of their ways and allying ourselves in order to provide mutual security.
5. Pakistan has never been our friend and uses us as a bull-work against India. Pakistan's main power is its anti-American security services. It's army is worthless and fights while the security services finances the governments enemies. Pakistan is a failed state rife with competing agendas and like Persia seeks to make it a puppet state based on opium and terrorism.. Those same terrorists that are tearing the country apart.
5. While we wring our hands at North Korea and Persia having the bomb, we only have about 25,000. They know that one MIRV will exterminate both nations and irradiate the Middle East, Russia and China. Most of Persia is in a state of rebellion and North Korea has most of it's army squished against the DMZ. The slave state exists by the enabling of Russia and especially China. We also enable their behavior by bribing them with oil and food. Let them starve...and show strength.

I leave China for another time. Economically and militarily this can be a book and I do not wish to cannibalize this Blog. . I just sought to throw out a few examples. I fear my writing, for our, short sighted, president is cutting back on an insufficient military that has trouble projecting it self as it is. The world as constructed, smells our weakness and are ready to pounce like rabid dogs upon the flesh of failed states...desperate for protection. Who would have imagined that we are closer to Vietnam than South Korea. The younger generation has not listened to their elders....who remember.

I understand the war going on within for the souls of Americans within our blessed nation, but with out reason and power...all can be for naught. I dismiss the far Left who seek to turn this nation into a Socialist third world nation and hope the patriotic Tea Party Movement will also fight to maintain our military and fight for a tough foreign policy.Do not let our government provide the rope to hang us.Both parties must be warned...their game is coming to an end.

I am going to have a cup of tea.....Geoff