Monday, October 4, 2010

Another guest editorial by Geoff

The Workers Paradise

1. Two generations of a family living in 2 rooms. Bathroom and kitchen are communal

2. Rampant food shortages due to lack of incentive for farmers to produce. Food is sent to urban areas in order to keep the peace. Super taxes on rural peasants....shuttering of communal farms and importation of food.

3. A stagnant bureaucracy only concerned with place holding and a royalist mentality by the bosses.

4. An aristocratic life style for high party members, while the citizenry lives a life of slave wages and are imprisoned by slogans and entitlements. They are called free, but are maintained by high taxes and cheap labor.

5.. No innovation, save the military, for the governments are afraid of any possible assaults upon their privileges. Obscene monuments to celebrate the glory of their leaders and the covering up of their blunders.

6. A Socialist nation maintains its cohesion through the secret police, rigged courts, physical terror and the camps.

7. Waiting on long lines to buy a few bits of inferior food.

8. Unless goaded, the people are taught that what goes on in the seat of government is none of their affair. The people are clay and are useful for fraudulent demonstrations of devotion. They act like holy rollers during a spiritual revival..

9. Socialist nations tend to try and keep people in. If there is free travel, except the powerful or a true believer, they tend to defect.

10; Leftist bomb throwers, with cults of personality are their best allies. There bluff and bluster.coupled with military threats scare free nations which then appease. This policy can backfire in cases of a Mao, Nasser, and the Assad dynasty.

11. Socialist imperial policy towards its propped up puppets is to purchase raw materials at cheap prices and export back expensive cheap, inferior goods. This results in rebellion such as in 1953 E. Germany due to food shortages and Solidarity in Poland to fight for true workers rights.

12. The need for a strong military force to keep down discontent. Supporting brutal repression of dissent in allied states. The use of proxy troops to carry out military operations.

13. Fraudulent elections backed by a phony Democratic Constitution.

14. The glorification of mass murderers such as Che Guevara, Mao, Castro and the Kim dynasty.

The results of a Menshevik state.

The economic collapse of Western Europe due to mass entitlements and the mushrooming of government agencies.
Sweden having the highest suicide rate in Europe.
People quitting jobs, because they know the state will support them.
The dole taxes away innovation. That is why Cisco Systems moved here from Germany.
Paper work and corporate nepotism in some industries retard development. J
obs, pensions and employment for life, can undermine the state as in France and Greece.
Riots begin to take the place of reason and rational policy.
Entities such as the European Union deny sovereignty and seek to create a single minded polity from states with little in common historically. This leads to a common currency, more bureaucrats and multinational courts.
This Democratic form of the Eastern Bloc will lead to a shifting of elites and the gutting of countries trying to maintain untenable layers of lifetime employment....yet unemployment is high due to the inability to hire younger people and alter corporate culture.

We in our Federal Republic have made many mistakes, both domestic and foreign. Yet our way of life, culture, and innovation has made our nation great. We have tended to attract the best and the brightest. We are now swinging 180 degrees in the other direction. Those who live in free nations are often taken in by frauds who promise heaven. As the worker in China and Vietnam strive for a better life.....our Socialists want to give the people the existence that others, except the elites, seek to flee from. We drink Tea and they drink Kool Aid.