Thursday, September 23, 2010

A guest posting by Geoff

I know many readers enjoyed the guest pieces by Geoff.
Here is his latest

"Exit Strategy and Wold War 2"

1941......Fire side chat with President Obama

"My fellow order to maintain the peace, I have decided to sign an economic concordat with the Japanese Empire. This I hope will facilitate a withdrawal from China.

From our extensive profits accrued from trade, I will be able to balance the budget and declare peace in our time.
We shall export grain, scrap metal, oil and 100 P-40 Fighters as a sign of good faith.
I address the opposition who accuse our allies of opium smuggling and mass murder. Vice President Biden has assured me that this all propaganda foisted on the citizenry by warmongers on both sides of the aisle.
I shall not tolerate those people blocking my "Non-Aggression Pact and Trade Deal " with Germany and Italy. I denounce France and Britain for denying the very fair terms offered by the Reich Chancellor Hitler. I denounce both for occupying land settled by people of color and expecting them to fight a phony crusade. I shall not support nor aid their imperialism!".The British policy in India and Ireland is no different than the evils perpetrated by Soviet Russia. I call on Comrade Stalin to make peace and save lives, being taken needlessly. I would also like to announce that the Ambassadors to Britain, France and Russia have been detained for war crimes.

Address to Congress.....Dec. 23rd 1942
"Now I hear protests due to the Pearl Harbor incident, but that was due to our not respecting Japanese economic needs and they were driven to desperation. I apologize to Japan and am looking forward to a new era of cooperation. I hope for the same peace granted to Germany and Russia in 1939. Poland was destroyed due to its hubris and Imperialism. We should take note and learn. Due to Poland's arrogance, they have forced the German's, our friends to invade I hereby support Germany in their battle against Soviet repression of minorities. My hope is that all the warring nations will see the advantages of peace and create a new "League of Nations" in order to respect the "New World Order" I further denounce the rumors of Concentration Camps. They serve as education centers and summer camps for German youth.
]In the name of peace I have dispatched Charles Lindbergh to Germany to cement our mutual commitment to peace.
In the name of peace and further cooperation, I have turned over the Philippines to Japan and support their freeing the long suffering people of French Indo-China and British controlled Thailand.
To aid the Germans in their crusade, I have instructed our patriotic corporations and Farmers to aid the Germans by sending grains, cereals, oil, scrap, winter clothing, trucks and other war materials.