Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Former President Clinton Changed the World

He did OK for 8 years.

President Clinton didn't have too many great successes during his eight years in the White House that were self initiated. He continued the work started by President Reagan. Kudos to him for that. He allowed the Newt Gingrich led Congress balance the budget for a period of time. He signed some great legislation that the Republicans pushed.
His only real score for 8 years was Monica. (well there were many "bimbo eruptions")
Well his testimony in regard changed the world.
According to CBS Healthwatch, less than one in five,20%, think that oral-genital contact counts as “having sex,” according to a 2007 survey of undergraduate college students.
This attitude toward oral-genital contact represents a big shift in thinking since Pre-Clinton. A similar survey from 1991, found that nearly twice as many young adults, about 40%,would classify oral-genital contact as sex.
Researchers give credit to Pres. Clinton’s testimony, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman," as the reason for the doubling of the people who now think oral sex is not sex. They call it the "Clinton-Lewinsky" effect.