Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sen.Jim Bunning fights for spending control

Newest Republican Senator
Scott Brown
backs him up.

"Enough," the Kentucky Republican Sen. Jim Bunning said as he stood in the way of Washington spending more money he said it didn't have on an extension of popular programs, according to WaPo.
"Neither side has clean hands," Bunning said. "What matters is that we get our spending problems under control." Bunning was trying to get the Democrats to obey the law and follow PAYGO.

The newest Republican senator, Scott Brown of Massachusetts, said Bunning had done the right thing in holding up the measure. "I don't think it's about party, it's about good government.""The perception in Massachusetts and other parts of the country is that Washington is broken. And if it takes one guy to get up and make a stand, to point out that we need a funding source to pay for everything that's being pushed here, I think that speaks for itself."

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