Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Michelle Wie penalized two strokes

Michelle Wie has been penalized two strokes for grounding her club in a hazard after hitting out of the water on the 11th hole in the final round of the Kia Classic at La Costa on Sunday.

"It's always the kind of thing like, 'Oh, it always happens to me,'" Wie said Sunday, "but it's Murphy's Law, I guess."
As per Golf Digest...

COMMON MISTAKE: In taking his address, Player A rests the bottom of the club on the ground. Rule 13-4 does not permit grounding the club in a sand bunker or water hazard. Hence, Player A must incur a two-stroke penalty. In match play, the penalty is loss of hole.

CORRECT PROCEDURE: When preparing to hit a recovery shot from a sand bunker (or water hazard), make sure to keep the club elevated. The bottom of the club is not allowed to touch the sand, the surface of the water, or any area of ground inside the hazard.