Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Marine's Dad forced to pay funeral protesters

Marine's dad ordered to pay protesters' court fees
BALTIMORE - The father of a Marine killed in Iraq and whose funeral was picketed by anti-gay protesters from Kansas was ordered to pay the protesters' appeal costs, his lawyers said Monday.

On Friday, Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ordered Snyder to pay $16,510 to Fred Phelps. Phelps is the leader of Topeka's Westboro Baptist Church, which conducted protests at Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder's funeral in 2006.

There is a fund to help pay for the costs. I don't know the legitimacy of the fund, but if you are interested...
A fund has been set up to help Snyder pay the court costs. None of the money will go to attorneys, who are representing him pro bono. To contribute, go to www.matthewsnyder.org. Or send a check payable to "Al Snyder Fund" to the following address:

Barley Snyder LLC

100 East Market Street

York, PA 17401