Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Newsleader is batting about .285 Congrats..... HAHA

Their batting average was probably about .285 in all the races. Not bad for a baseball player, but TOTAL CRAP in a business model.

They picked the loser every time except two races.
They picked Deeds. Lost big time in Augusta.
They picked Bolling and Shannon. Bolling Won, Shannon lost Big Time in Augusta.
They picked Marrow over Landes. Guess who won?
And the Newsleader published letter, after letter, after letter, praising Dem candidates. Nary a one for a Republican candidate.
I don't know if the Gannett people or the Newsleader folks looked at the election results, but over 70% of the county voted Republican. The possible readership of their paper voted overwhelmingly for Republicans.

As a business model, I think they should try appealing to the majority of the people in their readership area, not just the NoVa transplants into downtown Staunton.

Remember the slogan,"The customer is always right." Well the Newsleader should figure out if they want to be a little niche player in a dying market, or an expanding player in the local market. Find the stories that local people want to read. Get an editorial board that is atleast balanced, not one falling off the left end. Appeal to the people who might buy your paper. Go out and get readership. Don't chase them away by telling them that they are wrong, wrong, wrong.

I find it interesting to read the Newsleader. I also found it interesting to read the Village Voice in NYC. I want to know what the left is thinking. The regular reader picks up the Newsleader and says, "Newsleader, wrong again!" That is no way to keep a paper in circulation.