Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Kill that Bill"

Pictures from Tim Phillips, AFP. Thanks Tim

"Kill that Bill"
That was the chant at the rally today in DC.
It was dreamed up by Rep. Michele Bachmann last Thursday. Presented on Friday on the Sean Hannity Show. Jon Voight joined in on Saturday. And in less than one week a huge crowd came to DC.
I couldn't tell you how big it was. I know it was over 20,000. I have been there when Madison Square Garden emptied out, and this was bigger. Sean Hannity said 25000. Jon Voight said 45000. My guess it is some where in between.

The crowd was, as Obama says, "FIRED UP".
Lots of home-made signs. Lots of flags. Lots of kids.

Voight spoke.He had some great lines. As did Mark Levin. There were a bunch of Republican Congressmen and women. They handed out pages from the Pelosi Bill to the people who were going to flood the capitol.
Long trip, but worth it. Even though my camera was left in my truck.