Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just a thought.......... Guest Editorial by Geoff


I was doing some thinking, hard to believe, about the way the President rules. It is interestingly closer to a Monarchy than a Republic.

Who rule?s By their own pronouncements, the President''s cabinet almost appears like a facade. Hillary Clinton's appointment was a payoff in return for paying her campaign debts. He humiliated Paul Volcker. and stuffs far left anti-Americans into positions of power. Mere cyphers who carry out the orders in lock step to maintain his carnival Monarchy.. Although, while he fiddles, Congress may turn against him and like the Czars of Russia must seek new enemies to blame.

Who really rules? Behind the Cabinet there is a troika of Czars, ad visors without portfolio and a host of fawning bureaucrats standing behind the Ministers. It reminds me of 19Th and 20Th century Monarchies forced to provide a pseudo legislature to satisfy the mobs.

Seeing as the President has trouble making decisions...he tosses legislation into Congress, and despite falling poll numbers, seeks to see what he can get away with or blame the most vulnerable. He is very astute at using true believers, media, and the bully pulpit in order to search for enemies. Fox News, your Rush and Sarah,, and independents such as Joe Lieberman..

This is a President who seeks to twist the worst of Joe, the drunk, McCarthy and J.Edger Hoover's dirty tricks. More than 5 Presidents tried to get rid of him. All they did was black
mail each other. He also inverts the old Bourbon use of Letters DE Cachet. However, instead of the Bastille he uses them to form lists of enemies to keep both left and right at each others throats as a distraction..

He might be the most dangerous, incompetent man to occupy the White House. his inaugural was more a coronation than an inauguration. He has been running for his 2ND term before he took the oath. George Wallace who loved campaigning and was bored by governing would have been impressed by the President's use of code, blame, and drama. He learned well.

Any protest against his awful cabinet is a distraction, one must go and fight the Lord Privy Council. He bows before Kings while fawning patsies and fellow travelers bow to him in the American fashion. The press, vilification, and propaganda. G=D help the children and the wallet in all of the citizens pockets full of worthless paper.

Just a thought....Geoff