Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Guest Editorial from Geoff

Dear Mr. President,

1. Just as no American can not accept a Knight Hood, no President should ever bow to a Monarch. Nor should a President hug a Queen. such actions go against one of the causes of our Revolution.
2. In Japan the depth of the bow is a determiner of respect and obeisance. At one time subjects would prostrate themselves along the Emperor's route of travel. Your bow was too low and bordered on, in the modern sense, your being a subject of the Emperor.
3. Your bow to the tyrant of Saudi Arabia was an insult to our citizenry and made yourself look like a fool in the Arab world. The House of Saud is primarily a creation of the 19Th century. and finances those who kill our soldiers.
4. Despite the Queen's smile. He made a mockery of Royal Etiquette and acted in a way no President would have ever countenanced.
5. By committing such acts may appear as being respect, but they are actually an insult to the many Americans who emigrated here to escape such things.
6. A King never bows to another King unless said Monarch is an an appendage or below the rank of said King. Thus the King of Judea, a puppet of the Emperor of Rome would bow and pay tribute. During Medieval times the weaker King of England was technically above the stronger King of France who was considered a vassal of the King of England.. That one resulted in centuries of war. Part of the peace with France under Elizabeth the Great, forgive me if I named wrong Sovereign, was the renunciation of ceasing to use the term "Queen of England, France and the Isles...Ireland"
7. Before World War One when the Kaiser met the Czar to avoid war there was no bowing.
8. When Napoleon elevated, France's long term ally, Bavaria from a Grand Duchy to a Monarchy. there was no bowing. When Germany was unified by Prussia, the morass of Kings did not bow to one another..
9. Mr. President you are a Leader, well not really, not a Satrap, a Tributary, or an Ambassador. In the Monarchic sense you are behaving like a groveling petty Knight begging for table scraps.
10. I advise less cliches and more education. There is respect and there is groveling and weakness.

I know this will go no where, but to dishonor ones self and your nation by bowing before a former enemy and a petty potentate is humiliating. Yet you spurn the Dali Llama and show weakness to China. China says thanks......your actions defile our great Constitution. you must learn how an Occidental Monarchy functions as opposed to a Western one.

Your actions would have destroyed Prime Ministers and even would have caused the Monarch to abdicate. A HINT. Civil Wars and Revolutions have occurred because of such irresponsibility, in the past. As George the 3rd's Dowager Queen Mother urged..." Be a King George, be a King,"

Mr. President....be a President. You would be a laughing stock amongst the wits of Rome.
Cannon and resolve beat bowing anytime.......an American loving Royalist.