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Friday, September 24, 2010

The latest Obama gaffe came Monday during a trip to Philadelphia when, according to the Associated Press, “he picked up four apples from a fruit stand,” for which he handed the vendor the princely sum of $1.

Peter Roff over at US News points out some Media Bias

Friday, September 10, 2010

Will The Media Mention President Obama's Previous Fabribrication????

Breitbart Put These Two Clips Together
What President Obama says Now

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What he had said when he was pushing Obamacare.....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a difference a D makes. Media Hypocrisy

"Isn't it great to have a president who says something foolish or impolitic from time to time?"says Michael Kinsley of President Obama
Many won't remember him. He was Pat Buchanan's liberal on Crossfire. Occasionally, he turns up as a liberal talking head.
Well he turned up in the Washington Post smiling about President Obama's gaffes. He says that they are "like totallydifferent man", than the gaffes of others.
he says, "But Obama's rhetorical goofs usually are different from Joe Biden's momentum-mouth, just as they are different from the empty-headed nonsense of George W. Bush and the bizarre country-club-bar chatter of Bush's father."
He lists some of the gaffes. "Before Gates and the police, there was his joke about Nancy Reagan conducting séances in the White House, and then an unfortunate (though very common) use of the Special Olympics as a punch line, and so on."
Let us not forget others......