Thursday, December 26, 2013

Expert cuts the TSA "Security" down to size....

Years ago, when former VP Al Gore had to take off his shoes on two flights, I said, "WHAT BS." Everyone knew he was not a threat. He was not going to blow up a plane with a shoe bomb. And what did they do about the Secret Service agents travelling with the VP? It was all politics.
Now an expert has wrote an article saying the same. I don't know why it was put in "CRACKED" magazine, but the points are valid none the less.

#1. We Don't Think Our Airports Through

#2. There Is Literally No Intelligence

#3. "Security" Happens in One Place

#4. Eye Contact Isn't Emphasized

#5. They Spend All Their Energy on Luggage

#6. Politics Play a Larger Role Than You'd 

#7. The TSA Is Supposed to Regulate Itself

Read the whole article here