Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sen.Feinstein tries to outlaw free speech

Dianne Feinstein: First Amendment Is A Special Privilege 

Thomas Paine made corsets. He enlisted and briefly served as a privateer(a pirate)He became a master stay-maker, establishing a shop in Sandwich, Kent.He became an Excise Officer in Grantham, Lincolnshire; in August 1764, he was transferred to Alford, at a salary of £50 per annum. On August 27, 1765, he was fired as an Excise Officer for "claiming to have inspected goods he did not inspect." On July 31, 1766, he requested his reinstatement from the Board of Excise, which they granted the next day, upon vacancy. While awaiting that, he worked as a stay-maker. In 1767, he was appointed to a position in Grampound, Cornwall; subsequently, he asked to leave this post to await a vacancy, thus, he became a schoolteacher in London. Thomas Paine emigrated from Great Britain to the American colonies, arriving in Philadelphia on November 30, 1774. He was put to work as an 18th century "blogger" by Benjamin Franklin. He had an 18th century website called "Common Sense". Does Senator Feinstein think the British Royals would have considered an ex-pirate worthy of the title "Journalist"?