Monday, September 9, 2013

Obama is screwing the military in their pockets.

What Obama's actions really mean...

President Obama has told Congress he will cap next year's pay raise for U.S. military personnel at 1 percent instead of boosting pay by 1.8 percent as called for by a federal law.

The federal law says military pay raises must be based on the Employment Cost Index compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which ties military raises to private sector pay growth. Under that formula, military personnel should be getting a 1.8 percent pay raise beginning in January 2014.

A 1% raise would actually equal a .8% decrease in purchasing power, aka A PAY CUT 

BUT, HE BSed Congress .............
Obama wrote to congressional leaders: "I am strongly committed to supporting our uniformed service members, (But I will cut their pay and make life miserable for them)who have made such great contributions to our nation over the past decade of war. As our country continues to recover from serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare, however, we must maintain efforts to keep our nation on a sustainable fiscal course."(But I will still support giving millions away to the enemies of the US) He also asserted that his decision "will not materially affect the federal government's ability to attract and retain well-qualified members" of the military.(True, they are already leaving)

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