Monday, August 19, 2013

Presidential GOFUS (aka Golfer Of The United States) Golf Update

According to CBS,

 our President has played 
After a week of R&R, President Obama and the first family are on their way back to Washington. So, how did the Leader of the Free World unwind? Here’s a look at how the president spent his time in Martha’s Vineyard:

• President Obama played SIX rounds of golf with TWELVE different partners, spending TWENTY-SEVEN and a HALF hours on THREE different courses.That is about 139 rounds during his 4 1/2 years....
****George Bush played 24 rounds in his 8 years.**** 
****He refused to play when we had soldiers in harm's way ****

• He made FIVE outings to local restaurants, including TWO dinners with friends, ONE intimate night out with the first lady, ONE family dinner and ONE run for fried-food pick up.

• He made FOUR different visits to friends’ homes nearby.

• He made ONE on-camera statement to the press on the crisis in Egypt and his administration’s response.

• And he played ONE game of basketball with friends, went for ONE family bike ride, and soaked up some sun during ONE family trip to a local beach.