Sunday, August 4, 2013

Civil Rights and Tea Party Activist, Niger Innis calls out Rangel

Niger Innis,national spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
 Niger Innis slammed New York Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel for comparing the tea party to “white crackers” who opposed civil rights in the South, Friday.
“It is not surprising that lazy, shiftless politicians who have an abysmal record for their community would want to diffuse the issue of what they are doing for their communities by dropping the race card,” Innis, an African American and the chief strategist for, told The Daily Caller in an interview.
Innis said, "Rangel is part of a “long tradition of Democrat, racist demagogues” who run to race when they are not able to deliver for their constituents.
“What Charlie Rangel should be talking about is the level of performance of kids in the public schools in his district, what he should be talking about are the lack of jobs and the record high unemployment rate in his district and among black Americans all across his country,” Innis explained.
Congressman Rangel
“What he should be talking about is the black-on-black genocide that is taking place in the urban center,” he added. “But unfortunately leaders like Charlie Rangel and the leaders that have run Detroit for the last 50 years have nothing but a record of failure and want to change the issue.”

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