Monday, August 26, 2013

Media can't tell left from right...

To her neighbours in the quiet German town of Zwickau, she was the “friendly, sociable and generous” young woman who liked to drop by for a glass of prosecco. To her comrades on the German far Right, she was a smart, assertive and violent member of their secret terrorist militia.
Hold on a sec...... Way down in the 8th paragraph, it says..."The existence of the National Socialist Underground, as her gang called itself, was uncovered only in late 2011,"

When did Socialists become FAR RIGHT? If a group is killing Turkish men, that doesn't make it FAR RIGHT. If that is true, the Communists under Stalin were FAR RIGHT. Being Xenophobic doesn't make you FAR RIGHT. If so, then the Chinese Communists are members of the FAR RIGHT. Beijing has a fear of people from other Asian countries. Robbing Banks? Nope, Lots of groups with Communist leanings robbed banks. Even members of Bill Ayers (the President's BFF) Weather Underground committed Bank Robberies.  Murdering a cop? Bill Ayer's buddies did that too.