Saturday, August 10, 2013

Keep the change!!! Ryanair pocketing the Euros

Ryanair staff have been told to increase the company’s profits by avoiding giving change back to passengers when selling them things from the trolley. 
Cabin crew are encouraged to follow a ‘keep the change’ policy in a training document.
It is suggested they mislead passengers by claiming to have ‘no change left’ when they sell food or drink.
Staff are encouraged to tell passengers to spend the money on one of the airline’s own scratchcards or an item worth the same amount as the change owed.


For about $30 you can fly on Ryanair from Liverpool, England to Knock, Ireland. London to Frankfort also. Even to Marrakesh for only about $75. You will have to pay a 2% fee, But if you don't read the rules there might be some other costs..... But  you can avoid most of them.
It is a great deal for a frugal flyer.