Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I am not a fan of Stop, Question, & Frisk, but Toure is an idiot.w/cop lingo....

To put it in fine Brooklynese,"I ain't too freakin happy with 250's, but its a freakin numbers game." And we didn't say Freakin in Brooklyn

No one is discouraged from stopping or frisking anyone. Precinct commanders want more and more. Frisk anyone that you can justify, just fill out the form. A job comes over the radio that a person was robbed, frisk away, as long as they fit the general description.
NYPD Stop, Question, and Frisk Report, AKA UF250.
There are a lot more cops patrolling central Brooklyn, than the Lower East side.There are more reported crimes in central Brooklyn, than the lower east side. That is a recipe for shewed data. The 77 precinct had 358 robberies in 2012. The 7th Precinct had 147. The 17th Precinct had 47 robberies. Those numbers alone will account for 2.4 times as many frisks in Brooklyn, rather than the Lower East Side. It will account for 7.6 times as many as the 17th precinct.

 The number of robberies will statistically determine the number of frisks. When the commanding officer goes to 1PP, NYPD Police Headquarters, he will be asked, "What are you doing about x-number of robberies in your precinct?" He will answer,"My officers conducted x-number of stops per robbery." All the commanders will say the similar thing. Well let's say you stop 4 people per robbery. That is 1432 in central Brooklyn.That is 388 in the lower east side. It is 188 in the 17th precinct. The general racial make-up of the people living in the precincts mentioned are the 77 is predominately black. The 7th is very mixed. The 17th is mostly white. If the robberies are being committed by local residents, then there will be at least 7.6 times as many black people frisked compared to whites, just because of the location of the crime.

Precinct commanding officers get promoted because of numbers. If the number of 61's(Criminal Complaint reports) is down, the commanding officer gets promoted. If the number of UF250's( Stop and Frisk Reports) is up and crime is down, the commanding officer gets promoted. If "C" summons (Criminal Court Summons)are up, and crime is down, the commanding officer gets promoted. The precinct commander does not care if the person stopped is black, white, hispanic, asian, or other. All he sees is a number on the promotion track. The cop sees a good evaluation if his numbers are up. Good evaluations equals transfers to better units, promotion. There are benefits to stopping people beyond cutting crime.

 Personally, I used to make lots of traffic stops. I gave out mostly "Red Light" tickets. Every stop was because of a traffic infraction. I let 50-75% of the people go with just a warning. I didn't care about the traffic ticket, if I had my monthly number. I was looking for the bigger crime. Something that would lead to a legitimate arrest. At the very least a 511VTL violation, driving with a suspended license. Or a GLA, Grand Larceny Auto, or CPSP, Criminal Possession of Stolen Property. The last car stop I was involved with led to two males being arrested for CPW, Criminal Possession of a weapon. It led to overtime for me, and a transfer for my partner. It is a numbers game.