Friday, August 9, 2013

Ask.Men Top 10 Plus size Models

Forget the skeletal, sickly girls who pass as fashion models these days. A true man knows that real beauty isn’t found in a size zero. A growing number of plus-size models are redefining what society considers beautiful, and the heroin addict-looking supermodels of today could soon find their jobs in jeopardy.
See the Top 10 according to Ask.Men

No.10 Natalie Laughlin

No.9 Maggie Brown

No.8 Barbara Brickner

No.7 Crystal Renn

No.6 Kate Dillon

No.5 Emme Aronson

No.4 Mia Tyler

No.3 Toccara Jones

No.2 Chloe Marshall

No.1 Whitney Thompson

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