Monday, July 15, 2013

3 Sides to every story.Zimmerman/Martin

I have always heard that there are three sides to every story.  With the Zimmerman story there seems to be more. On one side, Zimmerman says that he saw an unfamiliar face of a young man dressed as a thug. He followed him for a while. He called the cops. Got out of his car to find the street name. He says then Trayvon Martin attacked him. Broke his nose. Then he shot him in self defense.

The other side, the prosecution's story was that an over aggressive community watch guy followed Trayvon. Zimmerman came across the youth and accosted him. The youth defended himself. He was bigger and stronger than Zimmerman. Zimmerman used excessive force to stop Trayvon.

The truth is probably in between, the third side. It seems that Zimmerman did follow Trayvon. Probably less than logical, but probably legally. Trayvon probably turned around and confronted Zimmerman.
We do know Trayvon's death could have been avoided if Zimmerman totally ignored him. Trayvon's death could have been avoided if Zimmerman stayed in his car. Trayvon's death probably could have been avoided if Zimmerman listened to the dispatcher. Trayvon's death could have been avoided if Trayvon didn't  punch Zimmerman.  The reason for the first punch is unknown. Who threw the first punch? Was it Trayvon? Did Zimmerman grab Trayvon?

We don't know the answer. That unknown leaves a lot of room for interpretation. There are a whole bunch of people saying it was racism. They say this with no evidence of racism. The FBI investigated that and they could find no indication of racism on Zimmerman's part. They are blaming the police. The police seemed to have done a total investigation of the incident. The prosecution went above and beyond. There are even charges of prosecutorial interference against the state.

What will we find out in the civil trial? What if Zimmerman is tried in Federal Court? What will come out when Zimmerman speaks under oath in a civil proceeding? We might get a better understanding. We might get a better answer. It is a shame that all these talking heads on TV are inciting the masses. They are acting as if they know the facts. Only 2 people know what happened. One was killed. The other is not talking, yet. I hope there is calm until we hear from Zimmerman, under oath.This way we can find out the truth, the whole truth.