Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wonder why Food Stamp coverage is expanding exponentially?

One reason is the economy. There are still lots and lots of people unemployed.
But another reason is advertising. 
You ask, "What does advertising have to do with Food Stamps aka SNAP?" 
Didn't you know that the government advertises Food Stamps? 
They advertise all over the place, even in foreign countries.

Did you know that the government spends lots of $$$ to actually advertise the food stamp program? Yep, lots. $41,300,000, thats over Forty One MILLION dollars, just to advertise. 

Spending on advertising and outreach steadily increased reaching $41.3 million in 2011, according to the calculations, which were confirmed by the Congressional Research Service, according to Budget Committee staff.

Participation in the program has also skyrocketed, increasing from approximately 17.3 million average annual participants to approximately 47.7 million average annual participants in 2013. In 2008, the average annual participation was approximately 28.2 million.