Friday, June 28, 2013

I love immigrants!!! My parents were born in Europe.

I think we should have lots of immigration. Give out lots of green cards, BUT follow the rules. Little Chuckie Schumer thinks a tad different....
During a floor speech Thursday afternoon, New York senator Chuck Schumer castigated his colleagues who plan to vote against the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill. “In choosing this country, whether it’s my friend Marco Rubio’s parents from Cuba or my parents and great-grandparents who fled persecution from Europe, immigrants bring an appreciation for the choices and opportunities that are unique to America,” Schumer said. “Immigrants have been an essential component to our American success story. To reject this basic truth in this vote today would be a direct rebuke to the lady who shines so brightly in New York’s harbor.”
He apparently doesn't care about following the rules. He is correct until he gets to that last sentence.
The basic truth of the bill the Senate voted on was amnesty for those that broke the rules.
We should be in control of immigration to our country.
Immigration should also be uses like a tap on a sink. When we have room in the sink,when we have full employment of citizens, turn on the water. When it is filling too fast, when unemployment is rising, slow it down. When we have huge unemployment, turn off the water. We must control our borders. If the water in our sink needs a special ingredient, turn up the tap for specialized immigration.