Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Did any person lose the right to vote with the Supreme Court Decision?

Did it change anything for the voter? 
Yesterday, 41 states could change their voting laws under one set of rules. Nine could change their voting laws under a different set of rules. The Supreme Court basically said, one set of rules is enough right now.

The decision did not, and will not prevent even 1 person from voting.
Poll taxes & literacy tests are not imposed. Klansmen will not be manning the polling places ( I am not sure if the same is true for Black Panthers in Philly)

All it did was made the rules the same for all the states. They can not deny the vote to the people of Mississippi, anymore than they can in Missouri. All the decision did was make the 50 states equal under the law.

The real shame is that people have the right to vote and do not use it. In November, only about 45% of the people of this country will exercise their right to vote. No racist government is keeping the voter away. It is apathy and disgust that does more harm than any new "voting law".
I want 100% of the people to be informed voters. I want them to learn for what  they are voting. To understand what a candidate really means.
I want all citizens to get out and vote.