Tuesday, March 26, 2013


There are Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics. Statistically  I doubled my readership since March 17th, when I started adding articles to YankeePhil. Wooooohooooo. It is true, BUT....it way down from when I was writing regularly.
I can say I doubled it, but you have to carefully place the point of measuring. If I use March 16, 2013, YEAH!! it doubled. If I use March 16, 2010, WHOOPS!!! it is down over 90%. (No, I didn't do the exact math)
I sound like an Obama Economist when I say it doubled. "We have a 7.7% unemployment rate! (unless you count the 8 million unemployed who gave up looking for work)
It is similar to a DC Budget cut. "We cut 5% from the budget" (unless you count the 10% increase due to baseline budgeting")
I have to find my bearings again, but I am working on improving the blog. Have patience. Keep checking back. In the mean time, check out these blogs. or these