Saturday, January 1, 2011

Who Drinks the Most Alcohol?

According to Anneli Rufus over at The Daily Beast....

Men drink more than women-not surprising anyone there
Jocks in Frats drink more than non jock, non-frat folk-not a surprise there either.Accurate stereotype.
New Hampshire folks drink more beer than the rest of the country-Tougher to get liquor than beer up there
More wine is drank in D.C. then California.-more parties and government receptions maybe?
Gay folk drink more than straight folk-ok, I never knew
The rich out-drink the poor-Messing with lots of folks stereotypes,but it takes money to buy booze
Whites drink more than blacks-Don't forget them Baptists
College grads drink more than drop-outs-Messing with them stereotypes, but again money

Ricky Blumenthal et al. (2005): Characteristics of malt liquor beer drinkers in a low-income racial minority community sample. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 29 (3), 402-409