Sunday, December 5, 2010

" Mr. Gunn"

That's what a British court ordered the prison staff to call a criminal gang leader.

The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman upheld his claim and officers have now been told to address him as he wishes, it was revealed last night.

It is understood that Gunn, who remains the leader of one of the country’s most feared and violent gangs behind bars, felt that ‘Mr Gunn’ was more in keeping with his status.

The decision was condemned by prison staff. Colin Moses, national chairman of the POA, the union for prison officers, said: ‘It is political correctness gone mad. You have to earn respect, not demand it.
‘The inmates certainly don’t treat the prison officers with respect. Everything is geared to the prisoner.
‘We agree that people have to be treated with decency, but what is decency? Where is the decency to the staff? We have the highest rates of assaults on staff ever, yet we spend time, energy and money on cases such as Gunn’s.’

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